Hardy Search & Selection: Startup Brand Design Pack


This was a simple project for us, but one of our favourite types –  a Recruitment Agency Brand Design project for a new startup business with a quick turnaround time requested.

Setting out alone, Neil Hardy, Founder of Hardy search and Selection approached Collective Industries for help with getting his new business up and running as quickly as possible with a professional image so he could start to go out and tout for business.

The budget was tight initially (as it always is with startups) so he just needed the basics to get him off the ground, this included help with colour pallet design, a professional logo design, a simple brochure site and a letterhead template that could be printed off using a standard printer.



With a small budget for this recruitment agency brand design project, we had to minimise and streamline our usual brand design process, picking out the key tasks to get the basic foundations of a new brand laid.

Starting with colour pallets, our package included 3 initial suggestions, from which there was an allowance of 2 further adjustments to get the perfect colour scheme in place.  We drew on our previous knowledge of colour psychology to pull together colours that would induce certain feelings or perceptions on initial impact.  We chose blues to reflect trust and security, orange to reflect energy and vibrance – pulling Neils’ personality into the brand, alongside black and white imagery to give a professional feel without being too corporate.

Next, we tackled the logo design, where we provided a package to a allow concept design stage along with 3 further amendments.  Neil now has several variations to work with – a full logo, an icon logo and also a simple arrow icon that could be used for bullet points of buttons in future design projects.

The biggest part of this project probably had to be the website design using WordPress as our CMS of choice.  Although it was a simple 4 pager, the design of the page layouts and user journey needed to be spot on.  The key instruction we had from Neil was to keep it simple, clean, with all the info required to generate leads, but without being too cluttered.  I think we managed to find the balance.

Finally, we created a simple letterhead template in Microsoft Word that could be used digitally or printed off using a standard desktop printer but still kept a professional look and feel.

Overall this project took 3 weeks to complete start to finish.



  • Brand Design
    • Brand Colour Pallet
    • Basic Logo Design
    • Basic WordPress Build
    • Letterhead Template Design