Monster Energy: Digital Marketing Consultancy

For over 5 years our founder, Harriet, worked as a digital marketing consultant for Monster Energy, working integrally as a key figure in the EMEA digital marketing central team…

Working closely with the EMEA Digital Marketing Manager and Vice President of Marketing Harriet was to consult on all things ’digital’ across the EMEA businesses portfolio of energy drink brands, with a special focus on digital analytics and online performance reporting. This included:

  • Website development and management
  • Social media strategy design and execution, management of campaigns, paid & organic
  • Performance reporting and analytics
  • New developments and microsites
  • Controlling/maintaining brand consistency
  • Project Management
  • Media Management & Tracking

Managing a team of localised web coordinators across 48+ EMEA countries, ensuring proper training was given, user guides were developed and ‘spot checks’ were made.

Having been with the company from their early stages within the EMEA, Harriet took away many very valuable lessons, which we are now able to pass on to all our current and future clients to benefit from:

  1. Harriet has learnt how to market a ’Superstar’ brand at global, regional and local levels, in multiple cultures and languages.
  2. Harriet has learnt how to manage business growth at an incredibly fast rate… When I started I looked after less than 15 countries in the EMEA, when I left we had near to 50 different markets to manage centrally.
  3. Harriet has learnt how to measure performance online then use those results to devise better, stronger, strategies.

Harriet says…

My time at Monster Energy (and also working with my own freelance clients) has involved a lot of travel both nationally and internationally.  It has also taught me to be highly adaptable and flexible. Monster Energy was a fast-growing company when I joined back in 2012 and therefore my role there along with expectations changed sometimes as much as from month to month. Initially, I was bought on board to assist the EMEA Digital Marketing Manager and looking after the UK digital content for the brand, but my role quickly evolved to managing a team of web coordinators across Europe, tracking holiday, ensuring proper digital training was given, that the most effective online tools were implemented and eventually putting in place an effective digital analytics and reporting program too so that the company could track their digital impact – locally, regionally and global.