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Sacred Sauce Instagram Graphic Design


A long-standing friend of ours, famous for his love of chilli, recently set out on his own adventure to launch his very own hot sauce product.  Going it alone he needed extra hands to help support him with some of the marketing aspects of the business including the design and creation of his Instagram channel.

Inspired by the interconnecting college-style designs where each image overlaps and bleeds into the next seamlessly, we were asked to design visuals for the Sacred Sauce Instagram feed using this style and the theme of travel and adventure for context.

Each image needed to work on its own as well as in a set.  Each image needed to be able to be posted individually without breaking the seamless feed too, so careful planning in advance and consideration was needed also.


To make this style work, blocks of 12 images needed to be planned at a time to begin we also needed to think about assets we could use to overlap and interlink images where hard edges needed to be blended.  The theme of travel and exploration made this part easy, we could also at times where it worked use colour and shading to blend one image into the next.

You can see the results over on the Sacred Sauces Instagram feed here: @SacredSauce

Or just told your eyes to the left of this page of an example of part of the feed.


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