Stronghold Climbing Centre: Marketing Stratgey Design & Support


We were approached by Stronghold to help them design and implement a social media strategy that they could eventually manage on their own that would encourage them to keep consistent with their content posting, drive traffic to the website and grow their audience online.

They already had a team of staff that were on board – ready and eager to help create content and get their messages out, they just needed to be shown the best practices and given a little guidance in terms of management.


We started with our usual digital marketing review followed by a strategy design based on the findings from the review.  This gave us a good insight into what they had previously done/tried and tested as well as help to understand who their audience was online.

The strategy document was written in a format that was easy to understand and shared with all staff.  This was followed up with a team meeting to run through the strategy, give instructions on how to post on their social media channels in terms of formats and best practices so that everyone had a good understanding and could potentially at any time jump in and help manage.

As mentioned, Stronghold had a team already in place that were willing and eager to help create content for their channels so we also needed to provide a platform where these people could collaborate and share their content in a format that could be managed, edited and curated in such a way it could finally be posted to their business pages.  We created a private group collaboration area where people could share idea, content and stories.  On this platform, we could moderate, edit and adjust content until it was finally ready to go live.  From here we could simply take the polished results and post them live on their channels.

As they had multiple channels and a fair bit of content to push out, we also looked into content management tools where we could schedule posts to go out in advance.

Finally, we also provided artwork design for their Summer Boulder League poster.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy design
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design